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Ali Jan Bothers Pvt.Ltd. is a leading Pakistani content licensing, distribution and acquisition company, based in Islamabad, Pakistan and is founded by Mr. Ali Ahmed Jan. We license, acquire and distribute video, Music Content of all Genera in multiple formats from worldwide to various digital platforms and satellite channels and deal in the ‘ALL Electronics Media Rights’ including Satellite Broadcasting, Internet, Mobile Phone, Cable TV, IPTV, DTH, Pay TV, Terrestrial, TV rights, VOD, nVOD, Video Copyrights, Blu-Ray, Airborne, Ringtone, Gaming, Merchandising, and other allied rights and Theatrical rights for feature films.

We specialize in helping your business succeed in the digital world with the largest digital media entertainment content provider with a vast collection of movies, Audio Songs, Music Videos, Wallpapers, Ringtones, Games, Themes,  Animation Movies, Short Films, Devotional Videos NAAT,Qawali & Films and a lot more for Mobile Download / Cable TV & Satellite TV/ Internet/ IP TV / Caller Ring Back Tone/ Mobile Operator Companies.

Cable TV Content Licensing

We are expert in offering service related to video cable licensing under which we sell out license to cable operators for showing our content on cable Tv Network

Ali Jan Bothers Pvt.Ltd As one of the leading film acquisition and distribution company in the Indian entertainment with over 1200 titles, Jan Brothers offers movie licensing services, TV rights, Cable Tv rights, audio rights, VOD rights etc. of content belonging to a wide array of genres and formats that appeals to the audience of all age groups and offer operators the content their subscribers want to see.

with our knowledge and contacts, we continue to keep our hand on the pulse of the exploding and varied world of entertainment specialising in the sub-distribution of content and filims.

we have continuously expanded our offerings and acquired the best in 24/7 entertainment programming to make available and Licensing content to a wide selection of businesses. We offer content licensing packages that are customized to meet your Business needs